Recipe of the Week:

Rich H.’s Peach Pie Jam

6 cups peaches, peeled and cut
2 cups brown sugar
3 T. bottled lemon juice
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
4 1/2 T. Ball Flex Batch no sugar/low sugar pectin ( or Sure-Jell one box of no sugar/low sugar pectin)

Cut and measure peaches and put into dutch oven, heating until the peaches begin to break down, about 15 minutes. Stir occasionally so that you don’t burn the fruit. Add 2 cups of brown sugar, lemon juice, and spices. Once you get the right flavor bring to a boil and then add your pectin, return to a boil, meanwhile prepare you sterilize jars and lids.

Ladle recipe into jars leaving 1/4″ headspace, removing bubbles filling back to the headspace, clean rims, add hot lids and rings and process in water bath for 10 minutes at a full boil. Remove the jars after the 10 minutes and let cool on a dish towel over night not moving them.

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