Letter Re: Do-It-Yourself Weapons Camouflage and Kydex Gear

Dear JWR,
After reading your list of needful gear I wanted to offer some insight. First, the weapon stencils you mentioned are available from the makers of Duracoat at Lauer Custom Weaponry. They offer the woodland pattern as well as many other camouflage patterns, including multi-cam. In addition to that they sell a  template kit that you use to design the pattern yourself.  While you’re there don’t forget to check out their Duracoat kits, colors and temporary camo paint for mission specific camouflage that is removed by another of their products.

As for the Kydex equipment, there will never be enough on the market. I suggest creating your own custom holsters and gear from the material. Kydex.com has tons of information and specifications for the materials applications, including adhesive agents and shrinkage. Two more sources for Kydex sheets are eplastics.com and Professionalplastics.com. A quick Internet search will yield plenty of options. I’ve even found multi-cam sheets for exceptionally reasonable prices, and with the money saved on material and taking pride in your hand made kit, what’s not to like?   – Michael S.