Economics and Investing:

Jim Sinclair: The Implications of China Paying in Gold. (Thanks to K.T. for the link.)

G.G. flagged this one: In apparent first, a public pension plan files for bankruptcy.

Bram S. spotted this: Doug Casey on Taxes and Freedom

Over at Dr. Housing Bubble: The crashing US housing metro areas – Atlanta home values crash by 17 percent in last year and Las Vegas continues to move lower. Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco continue to make post-bubble lows.

Items from The Economatrix:

Social Security Fund to Run Out in 2035, Trustees Say

In an Apparent First, a Public Pension Plan Files for Bankruptcy

Sales of U.S. Homes Exceeded Estimates in March

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Little Changed as Outlook Cools

Home Prices in US Cities Fell at Slower Pace in February