Letter Re: A New Malware Threat

SurvivalBlog readers:
If you have a fairly recently manufactured computer, there is no reason to expose your computer to malware at all. Most computers are powerful enough to host a “virtual machine” (MM) – that is, a session that is completely isolated from the hosting computer and that does not make any permanent changes to your system without your express command. VMs can be modified, saved and discarded as you wish. If you are browsing the web using a VM and suspect that you have encountered a virus or malware, simply discard that session and start a new one. There are many tutorials on the ‘net that give step-by-step instructions on how to set up and maintain VMs on your home computer. I use VMs on a decade-old hand-me-down office PC running Windows X. If that old clunker can handle it, yours probably can as well.

Respectfully, – Dr. John G.