Two Letters Re: Tactical Movement in a Post-TEOTWAWKI World


The author mentioned odor control: Do not use deodorant or “foo foo” water. Use rubbing alcohol to deal with odor-causing bacteria. it evaporates leaving no scent. It can be used as an antiseptic and as a fire starter. My family carries a quart of isopropyl alcohol in each of our “git kits” Keep the Faith. – Bill in North Alabama

The writer has some great tips but I have to disagree with one thing he says. As for sleeping in old tractor trailers and old railroad cars, I say nay. These may be dry enclosed places, but they are just that, enclosed. You have no retreat options if discovered nor do you have a defendable position. Anyone with a rifle can walk alongside these and shoot them (and you) to pieces. A campsite must have the ability to be defended and at least one covered retreat route out of it.If someone is approaching, you need to be able to slip away before contact. Trailers and rail cars just don’t offer this option.   – Ed S.