Letter Re: Rifle Sling Recommendations

Dear Sir,  
When you have some time, I’d like to hear your recommendations on the best sling option for L1A1 or FAL rifles (perhaps also for fixed stock and full length ARs). There seems to be a lot of ‘tacti-cool’ stuff out there, with a zillion buckles and straps to get in the way and strangle you. Single-point and 3-point are all the rage right now (as well as hip holsters and chest rigs), but it seems the old 2-point is still best for patrol and general carry. What do you use and/or recommend?   I’ve been leaning towards Specter’s 2-point FAL sling for its simplicity, but would like your thoughts on it first.   Thanks, – Isaac

JWR Replies: For my L1A1 rifles I’m fond of two point slings, but with the rear sling loop normally mounted on top, by use of a SpecOps brand buttstock magazine pouch. (These have a top-mounted sling loop stitched in.) See this post from 2007, for details. FWIW, I also use top-mounted two-point attached padded black nylon M60 slings (or their commercially-made equivalents) on the family AR and M4geries. (These Mouse Guns are primarily trainers for our children. The full-length AR is scoped, and does double duty as a coyote rifle.) I should mention that I usually give each sling a few blasts of brown and O.D. green spray paint, to help break up their outline.