Letter Re: Dealing with Common Addictions–True Readiness for Disasters

One item not often considered for emergency supplies: Caffeine pills. Many non-Mormons are heavy coffee drinkers. What happens when you’re on bug out, and drinking filtered stream water, instead of your morning Cup O’ Joe? Well, the splitting killer caffeine withdrawal headache, that’s what. Open the package, and gulp down a Vivarin, or No-Doz, and you are back to your cheerful self. With My Regards, – C.Y.

JWR Replies: It is a far better thing to break away from coffee, soda pop, cigarette, alcohol, candy, junk food, and drug addictions now, in normal times. Get rid of them one at a time. Proceed with plenty of prayer, hydration, and exercise. Trying to go “Cold Turkey”–especially for multiple addictions–during a disaster could be, well, disastrous!

Yes, perhaps you could store some No-Doz, but keep that on hand to wean your less-provident friends and neighbors, not yourself. You need to be free of addictions before the Schumer hits the fan! If you are fit and sober, you will be healthier and far better able to handle the rigors of life without electricity and running water. Furthermore, eliminating the expense of addictive behaviors will also free up a lot of money that can then be spent for your preparations. So kicking your habits will turn out be a huge “win-win” for your overall preparedness.