Inflation Watch:

The National Inflation Association recently posted this article: Decoupling Now, Currency Crisis Soon

Reader J.D.G. notes: “The County Landfill had a punch card system that equated to $3.83 per load for household trash. If you went every week, it would cost you approximately $200 a year. The County did away with the punch cards at the end of the fiscal year with about six months notice. All the folks who bought extra punch cards to “lock in” the price rightfully howled. The new fee is $7.00 per load, an 82% increase. Going every week will now cost you $364 per year. The County also provided recycling pickup every other week without cost. Now, that service costs $25 per year, billed conveniently on your property tax bill.”

Sid, near Niagara Falls related this tale of woe: “I bought a box of 500 .358” diameter hollow base wadcutter [projectiles for reloading] a couple years ago. They were around $20. I just bought another one, exactly the same product, and it cost $79, plus tax. Ouch!

Bacon Prices Sizzle. Consumers Feel the Heat. Here is a quote from the article: “Last week, prices of pork bellies — from which bacon is cut — jumped to an all-time high of $1.42 a pound. Prices have soared more than 200% from a year ago.”