Inflation Watch:

Sheryl N. wrote: “There is a nice discussion over at about the various tricks used nowadays to shrink the content of a package without looking like it, reducing portion amounts but charging the same, et cetera.”

Frederick D. flagged this: Health Insurance Costs Expected to Rise Sharply in 2011. (I pity those who bought in to the propaganda that health care costs would go down under Obamacare!)

John M. in Florida notes: “I have recently bought quart-sized containers of different brands of yogurt at the grocery store and noticed that the level of yogurt was about an inch below the top of the container for both brands. Quarts of yogurt have always been nearly full to the top. Upon further observation, I see that it is no longer a quart of yogurt. The containers are now labeled as “2 pounds.” The container size didn’t change, just the label, and it is obvious that two pounds of yogurt is less than a quart. I suppose that the yogurt producers will eventually get around to re-sizing the containers so that they don’t look so obviously short of being full.”

Bacon prices rise as hog supplies dwindle