Inflation Watch:

The fallacy of cheap home prices and the two income trap – dual income households underscore massive housing inflation. Nationwide home prices overvalued by 25 percent.

Reader Judy G. sent this: “My family likes the Rice-a-Roni mixes. I would get them at Kroger often for $1.00 a box. Suddenly the price went to $1.47 a box. I switched to Wal-Mart (I hate to shop there) and found them for $1.12 a box. After many weeks, the Kroger price went to the” everyday low price” of $1.25. I am working on a substitute. I make a veggie cornbread for my parrots every two weeks, which I freeze. Jiffy brand cornbread mix was 41 cents per box at Kroger. Suddenly, it went to 44 cents per box. I did an Internet search and found a clone recipe using self rising flour, oil, an egg and cornmeal.”

Tantalum Tom notes: “Candy bars used to be about 3 ounces each. But now, a Twix bar is down to 1.97 ounces., and a Snickers a tad above 2 ounces.