Economics and Investing:

Chris in Virginia liked this piece over at Sharon Astyk’s blog: Things Fall Apart – Slowly

California’s economic crisis de jour: We Want Our IOUs

Morris S. liked this piece by James Rickards at The Financial Times: Fannie and Freddie’s bond market upheaval.

“OSOM” recommended a piece over at the GATA about the silver exchange traded fund (ETF) – SLV. OSOM’s comment: “Both SLV (and GLD for Gold) are not safe investments! I would not touch either of them with a ten foot pole.”

G.G. sent this: Schiff: The Fed Is Feeding An Addiction By Continuing Quantitative Easing

Also from G.G.: The Next Pension Bailout

Wade C. sent this: China Favors Euros Over Dollars as Bernanke Shift Course on Fed Stimulus.

Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many. (Thanks to KAF for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Martin Weiss: $5,657,492 to Create ONE Job! Has Washington Lost its Mind?

Central Bankers Stoking the Inflation Fires Whilst Academic Economists Worry About Deflation

Homebuilder Confidence Sinks for Third Month

China Reduces US Debt Holdings in June

Stocks Reverse Course, Rise Modestly

Pump Prices Fall as Crude Oil Declines