Economics and Investing:

AmEx sent this: Debts Rise, and Go Unpaid, as Bust Erodes Home Equity

item: TARP Billions Shipped Overseas Can’t Halt Global Slowdown

David B. suggested this article: Judge orders Wells Fargo to pay back $203 Million in fees

Taleb Says Government Bonds to Collapse, Avoid Stocks. (Thanks to G.G., SurvivalBlog’s Poet Laureate, for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Stocks Fall After Cisco Earnings, Jobless Data

Jobs Picture Dims as Unemployment Claims Rise

Mortgage Rates Hit 4.44% as Economy Sours

Oil Price Slide Continues on Grim Economic Data

Markets Dive As Depression Fears Grow

Stock Market “Perfect Storm” Cuts Pension Income Two Thirds

Fed Starts Attempt to Placate Markets

JC Penney Cuts Outlook on Consumer Weakness

US Dollar Now Ripe for Catastrophic Devaluation