Two Letters Re: Medicinal Herb Gardening

I’ve been using herbal remedies for over 20 years and wanted to add a few notes to Mrs. Celena J.’s Article:

Spearmint and Peppermint are excellent for nausea and gas.

Goldenseal is a natural source of insulin and should be used cautiously with hypoglcemics and insulin dependant diabetics. Its also one of the strongest natural antibiotics known to man, and the root is stronger than the plant.

Garlic is also a very strong and versatile antibiotic when used fresh. It kills both bacterial and fungal infections and can be used internally and externally as needed. This was my herb of choice for curing ear infections as my children were growing up.

Dandelion is a natural liver cleanser and can be used to treat hepatitis.

Parsley is a natural diuretic that will not deplete you of potassium. It also has three times more Vitamin C than citrus and makes an excellent all-around Vitamin supplement.

Kelp is a natural source of iodine and I’ve used it in tea form over the years to cure strep throat. It is also high in iron and calcium which can be critical for women with heavy menstruation or anyone with heavy blood loss. It cant be grown in regular gardens though.

Cayenne Pepper will stop internal and external bleeding. It can also be used to treat shock and reactions to insect stings.

Comfrey stimulates cell growth and regeneration. Can be used externally for cuts and abrasions, torn ligaments, strains and sprains, or broken bones after they’ve been set. Healing is dramatically accelerated, usually without scarring.

Note that like pharmaceutical medicines, herbal medicines may not work the exact same for different people, and it is possible to have allergic reactions to herbs.

Keep up the great work. – SasE in Az

I enjoyed the article by Mrs. Celena J. today, however in visiting the web site I learned that they now actually only include six packets of seeds in their free offer, with SASE. For a five dollar donation, they will double that to twelve packets, however, and now also require a printout of the page and delivery after postdate of not more than seven days of the SASE. A small correction, and one that is probably quite recent. Still a great offer, and looks to be a wonderful resource for a host of the medicinals Celena mentioned, and more. Thanks again Mr. Rawles and staff, great blog!