Two Letters Re: How to Bypass Blocked Web Sites

I have several friends in China under different guises, work or school visas for instance, but their main purpose is evangelism. When we e-mail them we have to be very careful about what we say because the Chinese government reads incoming e-mails. For instance “I’m praying for you” would be written as “I talked to Dad about you”. Just so we aren’t thinking all our e-mails are secure. – Richard C.

Mr. Rawles,
I would like to say the article “How to Bypass Blocked Web Sites, by Tamara W.” was technically correct, and I will not question the legality of the methods used. One word of caution: trying to use any of the mentioned techniques will get you fired if you use them at work to bypass security measures in place. As a consultant for several mid-size companies, it is my job to provide the evidence to the corporate attorneys for use during dismissal.

I still love the site and read it every day!

Best Regards, – Scott P.

JWR Replies: I trust that SurvivalBlog readers will use the information in that article (and all of the others posted here) responsibly. Fighting tyranny and maintaining personal privacy are admirable, but stealing time from your employer is not!