Economics and Investing:

Roubini says Euro’s days may be numbered. (Thanks to GG for the link.)

Chad S. spotted this: Canada considers eliminating the penny.

Kevin sent us this: States Bristle as Investors Make Wagers on Defaults

Also from Kevin: In ‘Chair City,’ Budget Cuts are ‘Amputating’ Municipal Services

Items from The Economatrix:

Meat Prices May Spike this Summer (Stock up your chest freezer now, and lay in a supply of canned meat! Since grain prices are remaining high, meat will probably be very expensive for the next few years. It is a good thing that we mainly eat elk and venison, here at the Rawles Ranch!)

Unemployment Challenges Obama’s Narrative

Greece Cut to Junk at S&P as Contagion Spreads

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Considering Bankruptcy

Spain Downgraded, Europe Debt Crisis Widens JWR Notes: Iceland, Greece, Portugal, and now Italy and Spain. Who is next?