Letter Re: Preparedness Digital Archives

Digital Archives and Your One and Only Mortal Life articletoday. Unable to sleep last night, I took my new 4 Gig USB [“memory stick”] drive and downloaded your entire site. It was nice to read how wise I’d been the day after! It is far easier to permanently protect a USB drive than all computers. Figure that if any of my computers are fried, there will be one available somewhere that isn’t! I still print out the more salient pieces on your site for nighttime reading, though… I already have a monumental JWR library!

I’ve been a “prepper” since ’98. It’s a humbling process – something like life itself. You can’t provide for every contingency; either from lack of funds or lack of information. Ergo – you play the odds and take your best shot – allocating available resources to relative probabilities. The best part is imparting certain basic skills and universal beliefs to grandchildren – without creating fear. Amazing how small abilities in little hands help overcome insecurities and result in confident young adults!

Here is how I fairly quickly made my own SurvivalBlog archives:

Open survivalblog.com on your computer.
Plug in your portable USB drive to any available slot.
On the left-hand side of the main page, select what you wish to download (i.e.; in “Categories, select “Body Armor (41) ).
When that page has opened, right click your mouse, then left click “Save Page As”.
When you’ve done the above, you’ll get the Windows “save as” menu. Select “My Documents” at the top where it says “Save in”, then at the bottom of that menu select the auto-generated file name which is in this case “SurvivalBlog.com Body Armor Archives.”

That transfers the entire page to the Documents section of your computer.
In “Documents” on your computer, it will show both a folder icon (ignore Archives.htm). Right click on that file and select “Send to”, then select your portable USB drive as the target.

Bingo – it’s now on your portable drive and on your home computer (where it’s taking up space that you may need to use later).
Repeat the above, topic by topic, until you’ve downloaded everything that you want.
To free up the space on your home computer, you’ll need to delete (in the Documents folder) both the “SurvivalBlog.com Body Armor Archives.htm” FOLDER AND the “SurvivalBlog.com Body Armor Archives.htm” actual document file.
Or, you can keep it in both places if you have room or in case the dog swallows your mini USB Drive.

It took me less than an hour to download all the topics and archives doing it subject by subject. Maybe there’s an easier way, but this got the job done.

You, Sir, are providing the tools for we (hopeful) remnants of society to “keep on keepin’ on” during darker days. And if not us, then the younger ones to whom we both teach and pass on our attitudes,
knowledge and goods. As the only viable central clearing house for preparation ideas, you’re the proverbial “cat’s meow”… sorry – showing my retirement age status. Anyway, my hat’s off to you: great
book; great site; great and humble man of Christ and Humanity. Thanks for all you do, and God Bless you. – Angus