Letter Re: Gear and Book Recommendations

Mr. Rawles:
I am a daily visitor to your site. Thank you for all that you do. Here are some products or vendors that offer exceptional value.

Ragnar’s Ragweed Forge. Sells the Frost Mora, Swedish carbon steel knives. Plastic handled models about $10.00, including plastic belt sheath.

K & M Industries, Inc. Heirloom quality, waterproof match cases. Machined from solid brass or aluminum, for about $20.00.

Douk Douk pocket knives. Primitive little folding knives takes razor’s edge. Imported from France and overpriced everywhere on the Net. Any seller willing to take a reasonable mark-up could sell these knives by the dozens.

From Powell’s Books online, two paperback book reprints: Manual of Exercises in Hand-Sewing: Adopted by Industrial and Grade Schools (1904), and Hand Sewing Lessons; a Graded Course for Schools and for the Home.The line drawings are indistinct, but the topics include even basic basketry, darning, and embroidery. Highly recommended.

Also recommended is this contemporary manual: Singer Simple Mending and Repair: Essential Machine-Side Tips and Techniques.

Best wishes to you and your readers. Hard times are coming, and we need to take care of each other. – Bookish