Economics and Investing:

From George Gordon (“GG”): Money sent home by Mexicans abroad plunged a record 15.7 percent in 2009

GG also sent us this piece by David Galland: What the Deflationists are Missing

From LJ: Don’t invest in Britain: The UK economy sits ‘on a bed of nitroglycerine’, investors warned

Items from The Economatrix:

New Home Sales Fall 7.6% in December

Stocks Fall as Investors Await Fed Decision

SEC Tightens Rules for Money Funds

Caterpillar 4Q Profit Tumbles; Outlook Cautious

Verizon to Cut 13,000 Jobs as Business Cut Lines

Signs of Housing “Recovery” Will Fade with End of Stimulus

“Daunting” US Fiscal Outlook Means Bulging Deficits: CBO

UK: Recession’s Toll on Workers Far Worse than Reported