Letter Re: The After Armageddon Documentary

Mr Rawles,
Thanks for all you do for the Prepper community. It is always a pleasure to see what is new on your site.

Just for the record, I was the black shirted “Tracking and Survival Expert” quoted on After Armageddon. I consulted fairly extensively with the production company on the direction of the script early on, but did not know what was going to happen until I saw it. We filmed my interview up in Harlem in an old condemned apartment building in August. The epidemiologist from England was there also. They filmed three hours of interview with me, but most of my more extreme, gun related stuff ended up on the cutting room floor. I could tell the Brits found my gun comments distasteful, but that is their reality. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the show. Not perfect, but I think it will help people have conversations about preparedness.

An ironic side note. The main character died of septicemia after a cut on his hand became infected. I just got out of a four day hospital stay for treatment for septicemia. Now I have tracked wounded tigers, mountain lions, and bob cats. I have skinned all sorts of animals that I have hunted or trapped. I have eaten all kinds of crazy food and imbibed water from questionable sources. Never got sick. Not once. But I almost died from an infection that came from a bite by my house cat. If I did not have access to modern medical care, I would be dead. So think long and hard about what pharmaceuticals you are going to store. And recognize that what seems like an inconvenience here, will be a disaster in a grid down situation. Awareness is better that treatment.

After Armageddon airs again Saturday at 8:00 pm Eastern, but check local listings. – Kevin Reeve, onPoint Tactical