The “After Armageddon” Docudrama is Scheduled to Air Again

SurvivalBlog readers Len and K9 both mentioned the two hour special docudrama “After Armageddon” will soon air again on The History Channel. The program shows in graphic detail just how fast normal society can break down, and even has a small segment on the importance of amateur radio to be able to communicate without infrastructure.

While the program uses the flu virus as the reason for the breakdown, It could just as easily be any one of a number of other causes.that

“After Armageddon” re-runs:

What have past acts of destruction taught us about what will happen to mankind after the apocalypse? Is it inevitable that disaster will someday strike America on an unprecedented level? How has history prepared us? History’s most dramatic events–Hiroshima, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and others–are examined and analyzed with hard data gathered from their massive aftereffects. The disappearance of water and food supplies, the effects of deteriorated sanitation and health care on the remaining population, and the increased use of violence as a means of survival–all illustrate how societies have responded and survived.

The scheduled re-airings are Saturday, January 09 at 8:00 PM, and Sunday, January 10 at 12:00 AM.

I also got the following from our friend Michael Bane (of, who was an advisor on the project:

“I missed it first go-around, but watched the DVR’ed version last night. I have to say that other than a tendency at the end to look for sunshine and lollipops (and the Brit production crews’ aversion to guns/self-defense) it’s pretty good. Obviously, a lot of my hard-core gun stuff was left on the cutting room floor, but I’m happy to say that a lot of the concepts that I outlined ended up in the final show.

As usual, the family depicted are poster children for stupid, but upon reflection I’d say they’re probably more representative of urban dwellers than the people I know now. There is one segment where the wife has to kill a gang member to save her husband. Good so far, but then she drops the gun and they run out of the warehouse. My girlfriend was screaming, “pick up the guns, you idiots!'”

Despite its flaws, it still seem to be worth watching.