Note from JWR:

I post one and only one formal reminder announcement each year about renewing Ten Cent Challenge subscriptions and this is it. I don’t do endless whiney PBS-style pledge drives.

My sincere thanks to the less than 1% of SurvivalBlog readers that have made voluntary subscription contributions to cover our bandwidth costs, and to keep SurvivalBlog running. (The alternative would be me shutting down the blog and going back to a salaried corporate technical writing job, so I am very appreciative of your contributions!)

By the way, if you are a “Secret Squirrel” type, then you can send cash or postage stamps (preferably “Forever” Liberty Bell postage stamps) to:

James Wesley, Rawles
P.O. Box 303
Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845-0303 USA

If you send your donation in cash, then please round down to $36, or round up to $37. If you send $36.50 including two quarters, then the postal service will charge you an extra 72 cents for having an overweight “non-machine sortable” envelope! Oh, and if you do send cash, be sure to wrap it in paper so that it cannot be seen through the envelope. Thanks!