Letter Re: Using Unusual Camouflage to Deter Burglars

Mr. Rawles:
What I’m about to write about really happened.

In 2003 I had an apartment that got broken into when I was at work. At the time I did not own much at the time and had very few valuables. After much thought and not coming up with any unique hiding places, I decided to keep my Beretta pistol, credit cards, cash, checks and so forth in an old liquor box with a pile of “old but clean” underwear on top of the box. The plan worked. My apartment was ransacked and you guessed it, the only box not touched was the one with the old clean underwear on top on the box. (I only had some prescription medication and $30 in spare change stolen) I do not mean to sound disgusting, but I used the old and clean underwear to clean my pistol with so that there were stains on them, and that just amplified the effect.

If anyone wishes to try this unorthodox operational security technique, I recommend using old school white Hanes Briefs. clean your guns with the underwear too. (it will also discourage friends from wanting to shoot your guns also) Keep the label on the underwear facing outward so its more noticeable.

I have a house now with a monitored security system, reinforced locks and some other modifications including hurricane shutters to discourage and slow down intruders. I have to admit, my brand new Kimber 1911 .45 that I keep near my bed has a couple of pairs of underwear on it just in case my security is breached. – Somewhere on the Gulf Coast

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