Economics and Investing:

Charley S. recommended this R. Taggart Murphy article over at Japan Focus: In the Eye of the Storm: Updating the Economics of Global Turbulence

Damon sent this: Burlington Northern’s Tepid Outlook is a Warning

Several more readers have suggested that I link to this 30 minute YouTube video: The Dollar Bubble, which was mentioned once before in SurvivalBlog. It features clips of Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Dr. Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, and Jim Rogers.

Items from The Economatrix:

Schumer Urges Wall Street Banks to “Get That Money Out There”

US Stocks Rise, S&P 500 Reaches 15-Month High on Commodities

Berkshire Eliminates 21,000 Jobs as Manufacturing, Retail Slump

Japan Jobless Rate Climbs for First Time Since July

Retailers Shift to Post-Holiday Bargains as Sales Seen Falling

Storms, Falling Supply Drive Energy Prices Up

Treasurys Come Off Lows Following Auction

Last Decade Worst Ever in Stock Market

Even as the US Economy Recovers, a Decade of Joblessness and Flat Wages Could Lie Ahead

US Treasury Bonds a Ponzi Scheme Waiting to Crash