Economics and Investing:

R.R. sent this: NS&I withdraws all its fixed-rate savings bonds

Chris mentioned an article on the new underground economy and the avoidance of bank accounts.

Thanks to Joan M. for finding this one: D-Day nears for Dubai’s $3.5 billion debt hurdle

Also from Joan come this CBC (Canada) piece: Peak oil: Problems and possibilities

Items from The Economatrix:

World Stocks Up on $10 Billion Dubai Rescue

Citigroup to Repay $20 Billion in Bailout Money

Oil Near $69 as OPEC Signals No Output Cut

US Recession “Not Over Until Job Rates Rise”

White House Economist Sees Jobs Growth By Spring. JWR Adds: They “Visualize World Peace”, too.

Federal Reserve Likely to Repeat Low-Rate Pledge
“We’re still a long, long way from normal.”

The Future of Gold, The Dollar, and More