Letter Re: A Prepared Christmas

I just finished reading a Prepared Christmas by Hunkerdown and it made me smile as I remembered last year. Emergency Essential ran a special on first aid kits and we sent one to each of our adult children. It consisted of two kits – one for the home and an outdoor kit to take in a vehicle.

Right after the holidays, our 16 month old grandson put his hands on a stove (those little critters can move faster than a cheetah) and burned the palms of his hands. He was treated at the emergency room (the burns were very bad) and after coming home, he tore off his bandaging. The parents used material from the kits we had given them to re-bandage his hands. Then a couple weeks later Grandpa Joe (he’s 92) took a dive off of his porch. The kids grabbed their kit, rushed over and had him taken care of quickly. Also, last year, each one of the grandchildren received from us a fishing kit – from the 15 year old down to the 4 month old. This year each will be receiving a Silver Eagle. For the adults we’ve come up with various ideas – cold weather gear (Under Armor, insulated boots, etc.), Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton, an emergency kit for the car with jumper cables, etc., non-hybrid seed packs, The Five Thousand Year Leap (for the liberal in the family). Other ideas could be hand warmers, emergency candles, backup propane heaters for the home (everyone experiences power outages at some time), sprouting kits and seeds. Hunters and hikers would be open to Mountain House food pouches or MREs even if they aren’t preppers and you’d be helping them without them knowing it.

Before I started reading SurvivalBlog, Christmas gifts were pajamas and small appliances. Thank you for all the knowledge we have gained from you. – L.C.