Letter Re: Recommendation on Older Honda CT-90 and CT-110 Trail Motorcycles

I am an old prepper but new to blogging. Current economic and political events have awakened my smouldering interest in prepping. I was saving telephone books back in the in the 70’s for toilet paper and for bulletproofing. I had read some stuff by Howard J. Ruff and moved to the country dadada. He was a little early on his predictions but he was pushing gold, guns, and stocking up. I have long since sold my gold and bought silver, sold my little chicken farm and moved back to the city. The traffic got to be too bad to commute 25 miles in stop and go traffic.. The reason that I now have silver is because I would hate to give up a Krugerrand for a sack of potatoes.

The reason for my letter to you is to let your readers know about a wonderful piece of fuel-efficient transportation for now and after TSHTF: the Honda Trail 90 or Trail 110 trail bikes. These were available in the states from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s and were basically unchanged. One advantage of this bike over a 4-wheel ATVs is [that in most locales] they are street legal. They are still available new from New Zealand. They are still used by mail carriers in New Zealand and Australia. (That ought to speak volumes for their reliability). These bikes are often found on eBay from $3,500 for a like-new condition used one on down to $1,000 or less. Parts are readily available from Internet sources. Look these bikes up on Wikipedia or ct90-110.com. I had one back in the day and am now currently restoring an 1984 CT110. It has a big luggage rack, auxiliary gas tank and a neat lever to double the gear reduction that will enable you to climb a telephone pole. The older ones had an altitude compensating carburetor with a switch to push when over a certain altitude. I suppose you could re-jet the carb if you live in a high altitude on the newer models. Regards, – Funky