Letter Re: Another COMSEC Warning on Social Networking Web Services

I worked in Network Security in both the military and civilian sectors for quite a few years. The thing I would recommend is not to use any social networking site. Due to the terrible security embedded in the new web programming technology they are rampant with malicious software that can be downloaded to your computer.

Your computer would then be owned by some goon who would use it to attack others and steal your personal info, such as your bank account number, and so forth. But you say, hey I have the newest router, firewall and anti-virus. The companies that make these products are fighting a losing battle because they can only react to what the bad guys build and they have to wait for an attack to fix it and then get it to all their customers. The president of Symantec actually came out and publicly said it was "a lost cause" at a conference a year or two ago. V/R, – Don