Letter Re: The Best Defense Show on The Outdoor Channel

I have been soaking up your web site for the last month now with great respect, thank you for this wealth of knowledge. You may or may not be aware of a television show that is on the outdoor channel called “The Best Defense” they have completed their second season earlier this year. The first season was all about personal self defense, awareness, and they reviewed a lot of handguns. The second season is the “survival” series covering topics from HazMat, forest fires, earth quakes, civic unrest, to economic collapse, some group and team development, and they moved into reviewing long guns.

This series is a weekly must see for me and it has helped open my wives eyes to the skills that I learned and developed in the military. The outdoor channel currently is only showing repeats and I am hopeful for a third season soon. I have found online that they are offering season one on DVD so it is on my “Christmas list”.

I encourage you and your readers with the outdoor channel to watch the show, the hosts are extremely professional and have a lot of knowledge to share. Their web site has clips from each episode which made for a good refresher to the shows I watched previously. All the best and God bless, – Ken A. in Ohio

JWR Replies: The Best Defense is produced by Michael Bane, a name that should be familiar to SurvivalBlog readers. (He is also the producer of DownRange TV and the editor of its associated blog.) Many of the survival segments in The Best Defense feature Michael Z. Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large