Influenza Pandemic Update:

China Disease Expert Warns of H1N1 Mutation. (Link courtesy of Jack E.)

WHO reports mutations of Mexican flu. (Thanks to Andre for the link.)

The rest of today’s flu news items are all courtesy of Cheryl (aka The Economatrix):

Ukraine Death Toll Reaches 388

Fatal H1N1 Cluster in Texas Raises Pandemic Concern

Swine Flu Cases Fall in US But May Rise with Holiday Travel

D225G Ukraine Norway Link and China Spread

H1N1 Re-Infections Raise Pandemic Concerns

Ukraine Dead Approach 400, D225G Spreads

H1N1 Changes in D225G and D225E in Norway

One Million Iranians Confirmed With Swine Flu. At least 140 have died

Swine Flu Deaths in England Reach Highest Level

WHO Mis-Statements, In D225G and H274Y Raise Concerns

Jump in Number of Global Swine Flu Deaths

D225G Evades Human Immune Response

Worldwide D225G Transmission Confirmed

WHO Silence on D225G Avoidance of Human Immune Response

China Expert Warns of Flu Mutation

Record Week For US Pediatric Swine Flu Fatalities

WHO Confirms D225G Vaccine Failure