Economics and Investing:

FDIC Disowns Geithner Embarrassment. (Thanks to “Word” for the link.)

Morris suggested an editorial about the coming collapse in commercial real estate by Doug Hornig of Casey Research: De Nile is not just a river in Egypt

G.S. liked this: The gun that beat inflation; Commentary: How the Colt Peacemaker outshone gold. [JWR Adds: And you can’t shoot a burglar with a Krugerrand. Well, maybe you could with a Wrist Rocket, but that would take some explaining, in court.]

Items from The Economatrix:

Fed: GMAC to Receive More Bailout Money

Sprint Plans to Cut Up to 2,500 Jobs

Economists Seek to Fix a Data Defect That Overstates the Nation’s Vigor

Harmony in G-20 Starting to Unravel

UK: Financial Mess Isn’t Even at the End of the Beginning

Daddy, If Incomes are Down, Where is All the Economic Spending Coming From?

The New Faces of Day Labor

Landing a Job is Like Getting into Harvard