Notes from JWR:

Today, 11/11, is Veteran’s Day in the US (aka Remembrance Day or Poppy Day in Canada), when we honor the hundreds of thousands of men that have selflessly served, and often bled and died, in the defense of our Republic. If you have a relative that served, please send them a thank you note or e-mail, or give them a call , to thank them for their service.

In response to my recent comment about the Federal Tax credit available for some electric vehicles, where I mentioned Eco E ATVs and Bad Boy Buggies, I received this contributed article. Although it is essentially promotional, it includes some very useful information. Please note that I have not made an endorsement of any particular brand. Do your own research on the specifications, reliability, and relative merits of electric ATVs from different makers! Take note of the Dec. 31st deadline to make a purchase and take delivery, and get verification in writing that the model you choose has been certified as eligible for the tax credit!