Letter Re: Clarification on the Distribution of SurvivalBlog

Would you be kind enough to add me to your e-mailing list for your blog? I would appreciate it. Thanks, C.R. – Lebanon, Oklahoma

JWR Replies: For the privacy of my readers, I don’t keep any e-mail lists. My blog is accessed by readers with a web browser either by clicking a bookmark, or by using our RSS feed. Just be sure to book mark our URL, or better yet, make it your browser’s home page. SurvivalBlog has been updated daily, without fail, since its inception in 2005. All of the blog’s content, including nearly 8,000 archived articles, letters, and quotes are available free of charge. We do ask for subscriptions to help keep the blog in the black (our “Ten Cent Challenge“), but that is entirely voluntary. I don’t even keep a list of the people that have sent donations. Only about 1% of SurvivalBlog’s 150,000+ regular readers are voluntary subscribers.