Economics and Investing:

HPD sent us this piece by Mish Shedlock: A Remarkable Comparison: Affordable Student Loans vs. Affordable Housing

Mr. Smith recommended this BBC audio clip: Fed Advisor Warns of the Next Financial Crisis: Mass Inflation

Chad S. flagged this: Geithner Says Commercial Real Estate Woes Won’t Spark Crisis

GG sent this: CIT Board Approves Chapter 11 Filing; Government Infusion of $2.3 Billion at Risk

Items from The Economatrix:

The Next Currency to Crash: The Japanese Yen

Think Tank: Graduate Unemployment to Soar

China Warns of World Slump if Stimulus Withdrawn

Stiglitz Says US Recession “Nowhere Near” End After GDP Jump

US Housing “Recovery” in Bubble Territory

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Deflation Fears as Eurozone and US Credit Contracts

UK to Break Up the Banks

Lloyd’s of London Calls Time on Market Rally