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Dennis flagged this: Regulators shut 5 banks; 45 failures this year.

From Dr. Housing Bubble: Alt-A and Option ARM Economic Disaster Update: California Solution?

Ben M. sent this: China argues to replace US dollar

Qantas cancels Dreamliner order

Items from The Economatrix:

Financial Crisis Considered Top “Security Threat” to US “…the most immediate fallout from the worldwide economic decline for the United States will be “allies and friends not being able to fully meet their defense and humanitarian obligations.” [Blair] also saw the prospect of possible refugee flows from the Caribbean to the United States and a questioning of American economic and financial leadership in the world. But Blair also raised the specter of the “high levels of violent extremism” in the turmoil of the 1920s and 1930s along with “regime-threatening instability” if the economic crisis persists over a one-to-two-year period.”

Stocks Bear Market And Financial Crisis Not Over, US Regional Banks Next To Go

Epidemic of Bankruptcies Symptomatic of the Deflating Bubble

Schoon: Financial Crisis: And The Winner Is…GOLDMAN, SACHS “News of Goldman’s Sachs’ triumph arrived when Reuter’s newswire reported on June 22, 2009: “Goldman Sachs on pace for record bonuses”. At a time when the US is struggling with the greatest financial crisis since the 1930s, Goldman Sachs has triumphantly weathered the crisis. That should be no surprise for Goldman Sachs created the crisis in the first place.”

Unemployment Crisis Grips US States
“There is general agreement, moreover, that employment levels and conditions of labor will not return to those that prevailed prior to the financial crisis. This is no accident. The ruling elite, led by the Obama administration, has seized on the crisis as a long-awaited chance to restructure class relations to its advantage for decades to come.”

US Economy Trending Towards An Inflationary Depression “While simultaneously supporting the Fed’s actions, which amount to little more than using chewing gum and bailing wire to keep the money and credit markets from collapsing as it creates and distributes, in arrogant, secretive, crony-capitalist fashion, a gargantuan pile of counterfeit monopoly money in an amount on par with total US GDP for an entire year, you can just sense and feel that there is now a runaway, hyperinflationary freight train rumbling down the tracks at ever greater speed that is soon going to derail and create a train wreck out of our economy.”

No “Green Shoots” of Economic Recovery with US Debt at 700% of GDP

Deflation May Derail Japan’s Recovery

The Bond Saga: It Gets More Odd

Conspiracy Surrounds $134 Billion Bond Find