Note from JWR:

Our SurvivalRealty spin-off site has several new retreat property listings in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Also, a very unusual underground house in Colorado has also been re-posted. Check them out. These properties represent some of the best available to get yourself ready to zurück. Find a good retreat and head for the hills!

It Matters Not Whether Inflation or Deflation–You Need to Protect Yourself, by Gentleman Jim from Colorado

No matter who you are, where you live, or whatever your political proclivities, economic trends such as inflation/hyper-inflation/deflation simply don’t care which party you belong to, who you voted for, or whether you’re believe in Keynesian “prime the pump” spending by the government, or not. The laws of economics may be somewhat fungible and give us surprises from time to time, but overall: * They don’t care whether you love the earth, hate the earth, drive electric tiny-cars or huge Hummers or travel by foot or horse. * They don’t care whether you’re in a blue state or a red …

Economics and Investing:

The new class divide: Debt; In hard times, how much money you make matters less than how much you owe. Many of today’s have-nots are yesterday’s gotta-have-it-alls Matt B. and Cheryl both sent a link to an animated map that shows job growth and losses for the past few years. Cheryl’s comment: “As the timeline progresses to August , 2009, it looks like a nuclear blast map.” Correlate that map with my Recommended Retreat Areas. Where will crime be higher in the next few years? Items from The Economatrix: Obama, Facing High Unemployment, Defends Stimulus Betting The Fed Bankruptcy Filings …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Steve G. sent this: Save Money (and Water!) With Rain Barrels. Coincidentally, F.R. sent this: Set Up a Rain Barrel to Save Money and Water    o o o KAF sent this: Real Life Hobbit House    o o o Also from Steve G.: Formulas to get rid of insects in your home