Economics and Investing:

Greg C. sent us this: Fading of the Dollar’s Dominance; Other Nations See Opening to Boost Their Currencies

Also from Greg: ECB Injects $662 Billion into Banking System

Reader A.C. contributed this: Buffett: U.S. Economy in Shambles

Spotted by JHB: Unemployment: The Hardest-Hit States

Items from The Economatrix:

Fed Says “Recession” Easing, Inflation Tame. [JWR Adds: My Barbra Streisand Meter is pegging.]

AAA: Weak Economy Will Zap Holiday Trips

UK: Pensioners Kidnap Financial Adviser and Torture Him

Ron Paul: Obama’s “Goal” Is Economic Collapse

As China Hoards, Concern Grows About Recovery

Longshoremen Running Idle at Newport News (Virginia) Port “There’s nothing,” said P.K. Bransford, 55, one of the terminal’s few full-time workers. “We used to have an average of a vessel a day. Now we’re lucky to get one every two weeks.”

Nightmarish Financial Numbers
(The Mogambo Guru)

How The Wall Street Bankers Bought Congress “You would think that causing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression might have repercussions. You would think being a major factor in the destruction of around 40 percent of the world’s wealth might get you in trouble. You would think being the cause of the worst housing crisis in history — with millions of people losing their homes because of you — might force a restructuring of how Wall Street does things. You would think that. But you’d be wrong.”