Economics and Investing:

Marc Faber: 10-20% Inflation Coming to US (Thanks to Mark H. for the link.)

HPD sent us a link to Mish Shedlock’s commentary: Flow of Funds Report Offers Hard Evidence of Deflation

Hawaiian K. spotted this in an Australian newspaper web site: Cash to become extinct as chips take off

Items from The Economatrix:

The Cumulative Impact of Three Rogue Waves

Why Deflation, Not Inflation, is the Order of the Day

US Banks Operating Without Reserve Requirement

China’s Got a New Currency…And it Sure AIN’T the Dollar “China has already begun moving into a new currency, one that is neither fiat nor flawed. And they did it in their usual manner: under the radar with great focus and determination. That new currency is natural resources.”

What if The Fed Had a Sale and No One Came? “The Federal Reserve received no requests from investors for loans to buy new commercial mortgage-backed securities under an emergency program aimed at reducing borrowing costs and reviving U.S. economic growth.”

Stupidity Without Borders (The Mogambo Guru)