Letter Re: Portable Oxygen Condensers

I recently installed an AuraGen system similar to the current listing on eBay (#330329068735) onto a customer’s Bug Out Vehicle (BOV), a 1986 Chevrolet Suburban 1 ton (modified with some parts that were originally incorporated in the M1008 CUCV). This customer also is afflicted with COPD and uses a 110 VAC Oxygen generator. The Auragen, being a military designed system is far more durable, far more rugged, and most importantly, far more versatile than an inverter placed into any vehicle electrical system. Being a mil-spec unit,.EMP is also not an issue as it meets the military requirements for such use in medical units for power generation.

At around $1,700 on eBay the end user can add about another $500-to-$600 for install and miscellaneous parts. I personally have a PTO drive system in my own vehicle and have used it in several situations where, as some say “The Schumer has hit the rotating impellers”, LOL, powering some mission critical communications, networking, and telecom facilities for other NGO customers. These are not cheap, but what price is reliable power when lives depend on it? Best Regards, – Bob S.