Letters Re: Advice for an M4 and AR-15 Newbie

Some tips to ad on to your good advice [in reply to the letter “Advice for an M4 and AR-15 Newbie”]:

The field manual is good, but these two books coupled with some classes from Front Sight, EAG Tactical, Magpul Dynamics, Viking Tactics, Vickers Tactical, CSAT (Paul Howe), or another reputable school are the most valuable.

Green Eyes and Black Rifles: Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine  by Kyle Lamb.

The M16/M4 Operators Handbook by Mike Panone. Kudos to the writer for “buying right, buying once” with the LMT. That is a very nice rifle.

Regarding spare parts: The BCM SOPMOD Extractor Upgrade kit is a “must have” in the spare parts bin.

Regards, – Matt L.