Three Letters Re: The Risk to Reward Ratio in Getting Concealed Carry Permits

Some states allow for the public release of permit holders names and sometimes address. Newspapers have requested these lists (since they are public information) and then published them.
Other states (like Minnesota, and others) makes it a crime to release to the public who is a permit holder. – X.


This headline says it all: Dateline Feb. 17, 2009 in The Miami Herald: Florida can’t keep up with concealed weapons permit requests.

Regards, – Jim H.

Mr. Rawles,

Thanks for your very reasonable and level-headed response on concealed carry permits. I agree that you they aren’t for everyone! I wish that I lived where I only had to worry about predators with four legs. But living where I do (in Virginia), we have lots of two-legged predators and I would feel naked without my XD .45. (I got the “Compact” version.) I used to carry a Commander-size Kimber 1911, as I used to be a M1911 Die Hard, but nowadays I practically speak Croatian.) [JWR Adds: To explain his comment to the uninitiated, the Springfield Armory XD-series auto pistols are made in Croatia.] My family will soon have two XDs, since my wife is signing up for the Front Sight “Get a Gun” package deal. We want to get back out there while the weather is still cool. (Summer at Front Sight is an oven set to “BROIL”.) Their XD package is an amazing bargain, and the training is superb. It is absolutely worth the travel expense! I recommend it to everyone that reads SurvivalBlog. Put that training at the top of your “Priorities list.” Without proper training you are just a “pistol owner”, not a competent shooter. I had no idea how incompetent I was until I went to take the training. It takes some humility to admit that, but I really was incompetent, and just thought that I was good shooter.

By the by, I am buying every XD magazine that I can lay my cotton-pickin’ hands on at a good price. Since they are imported, these mags could be under risk of an import ban, soon. One of your recent posters mentioned he saw high mag prices at gun shows. That is true, but there are still some bargains out there, by mail order. [JWR Adds: I highly recommend, CDNN Sports, MidwayUSA, and Natchez Shooter’s Supply, as low-costs sources for full capacity magazines. Buy plenty, now, while they are still reasonably-priced!]

My XD is a my constant companion, kinda like an American Express card. I “don’t leave home without it.” – Riggins in Virginia