Economics and Investing:

Justin sent us a link to an excellent documentary on the chain of events in the global credit collapse, with a bit of pro-interventionist coloring from PBS: Inside the Meltdown.

Heather sent us this: Volcker: Crisis May be Even Worse than Depression

Jim Willie nails it: Russia’s Post U.S. New World Order Blueprint ( A hat tip to KT for the link.)

Luddite Jean in England sent us three bits of news of ill-portent: £2trillion – the terrifying total of our national debt… that’s £33,000 for every man, woman and child in Britain. —
Car industry in meltdown as plant faces ‘imminent’ closure with loss of 100,000 jobs and production plunges by 58%. — Repossessions soar by 54% in a year as 40,000 people lose their homes.

Items from The Economatrix:

Gold Demand Surges by 1/3 to $100 Billion

Record 881 US Auto Dealers Closed in 2008

Wall Street Slumps as Dow Hovers Around Three-Month Low

UK Public Finances Deteriorate Dramatically

Giants Swiss Re and BNP Paribas Report Severe Losses

Ukraine Crumble Triggers Fear Through Europe

Foreign Firms, Investors Flee Ireland

Bank of Japan to Buy 1,000 Billion Yen of Corporate Bonds

Dow Ends Thursday at Lowest Close in More than Six Years

Sarkozy Announces $6 Billion in Aid to Avert Unrest

Rising Debt May Overwhelm Obama’s Bailout

US Bank CEO: TARP Program is Lousy

GM, Chrysler Seek $21 Billion More

Newly Poor Swell Food Banks Nationwide

GM Shares Hit 74-Year Low

Bank Fears Hit Wall Street; Dow Down 6.2% for the Week, S&P off 6.9%