Letter Re: Give Your Kids $100 Billion for Christmas: An Economics Lesson

Hi Mr. Rawles,
Thanks for SurvivalBlog and for your novel “Patriots“. Both have been real eye-openers.

I have several nieces & nephews that I (like many people, I’m sure) take care of on birthdays (and sometimes Christmas) with a card and some money enclosed. This year I thought it might be fun to send them 100 billion dollars along with the card and note. I looked around, and lo and behold, several people are selling Zimbabwean currency on eBay. Prices and denominations vary, and of course it costs millions (trillions?) percent more than it’s actually worth, but we’re still talking a couple of bucks for a note. The novelty value alone is worth that, and it just might be a subtle way of giving them a glimpse of currencies and inflation, and a gentle way of giving them some perspective on how good we have it in America (and how bad things could become). And I’ll probably still throw in a twenty-dollar bill. Thanks, – Dave W.