Letter Re: Peakniks Need Better OPSEC


Regarding those who gave their street addresses in the Peak Oil article that was recently mentioned: Indeed, it boggles the mind when people appear to have absolutely no concept of OPSEC. It betrays a mind that apparently has little or knowledge of the human animal, which the substitute for which must necessarily be a fantasy of some sort.

If giving your address isn’t enough, how about these folks providing a full set of downloadable tactical maps for your retreat?

Understandably they’re running an operation that provides for open visitation, for which the cartoon of the hippie village layout would suffice, but the topographical map?! Let’s make it real easy for some anti-social element who also happens to be “TEOTWAWKI-aware” to book mark your little world for a later date. (Shakes head in disgust.) – Mosby