Letter Re: Hunt Packs Available at Cabela’s

I often read your blog and have read your novel , “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse”, (and have given it as a gift to several folks!) I just wanted to let you and your other readers know about something I found at Cabela’s recently: 3-day and 10-day ‘Hunt’ Packs. These nifty boxes contain a mix of energy bars, gels, drinks, etc. designed for use by ‘Wilderness Athletes’. Aside from the humorous effect of the name, these are quite handy and can be ordered from Cabela’s on-line web store and may provide survival minded people an excellent option for Bug Out Bags, Car Kits, pre-positioned supplies, caches, or to give [charitably] to the unprepared after a natural disaster or terrorist type event. While the prices may be higher than some would like to pay, the manufacturer has done the work that some busy or family folks may not have the time or inclination to do.

Thanks for the information you provide! Regards, – Israel S.