Notes from JWR:

We are pleased to welcome four new advertisers: Mara Helland & Co., P.C.,, Carter Cutlery, and Milk on the Moove: Here are brief introductions:

Mara Helland & Co., P.C. – Mara is a CPA that specializes in discreet accounting and tax services for clients throughout the US and for Americans ex-pats abroad. She works from her home in western Montana. – Offering a wide range of preparedness products.

Carter Cutlery – Murray Cater is an Oregon-based master blade maker, who had 18 years of training in Japan. His knives are both eminently practical and pieces of art.

Milk on the Moove. Makers of retort packaged (shelf stable) milk products that are ideal for supplementing food storage programs. And yes, I checked: All of their products are made in Logan, Utah. All of the milk comes from local farmers, and is free of hormones such as BST. Nothing they sell comes from China!

Be sure to take a look at the web sites for each of our advertisers. By giving them your business first, you’ll help support SurvivalBlog!And of course if you do place an order, then please mention where you saw their ad.