Letter Re: Your Next Career in the New Economy

Dear SurvivalBloggers:

So, you’ve prepped and developed skills but what if you actually need to work through the depression? What if the depression lasts longer than your preps and the ‘new economy’ isn’t amenable to your current job which requires factories, computers and shipping etc?

You can either learn a useful trade like being:
A Veterinarian or Doctor, but there probably isn’t enough time to go to school for six years.
You can learn another useful skill like plumbing, welding, carpentry etc. But then you’re competing with other plumbers, welders, and carpenters.
Or, you can have some kind of cottage industry that uses locally-produced raw materials and creates needed products… Yes!
Is there a lot of grain growing where you are? Okay, how about being a miller.
Is there a lot of unpurified water where you are? Okay, how about a drinking water vendor?
Are there a lot of animals where you are? Okay, then become a tanner and or tailor.
If you can find something that has some skill set involved, good. Even better if there is some specific tool required to do the job that no one else has locally because the current economies of scale make it cheaper to have it done in bulk somewhere else. – SF in Hawaii