Letter Re: A SurvivalBlog Reader’s Relocation to the Interior of Alaska

Dear Jim –
Thank you for the note and I think its the least we can do to support such a worthy web information source. I’ve learned a great deal reading your archives and I’m doing my best to try and promote a self-sufficient lifestyle for our family.

We have chosen to live in interior Alaska for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a steady job, but not without serious consideration. We are very well aware that we’re at the end of the food chain up here and things are a bit more expensive (and can become much more if the chain breaks), but those are trade-offs. While things are still manageable we live in a place that has no property taxes, no sales taxes, very little government to speak of, no building codes except those we chose to apply, and folks that still value personal liberty with minimal social intervention by “do-gooders.” Those attributes of locale were very attractive to us and led to our ultimate decision. We previously lived in the “nanny state” of Western Washington. There is no comparison. Free men and women who still value their freedom should vote with their feet and immediately exit the Socialist workers’ paradises where they are currently incarcerated. The change in their lifestyles and outlooks will be profound and remarkable. We have lived and moved all over the world. For those who are hesitant for whatever reason – just jump in and figure it out from day to day. The Lord will help those who help themselves and you won’t fail if you follow your heart. Truer words have never been spoken.

As a retired military officer who specialized in counter-terrorism and security work for the past 28 years, I’m acutely aware of and a student of geopolitics and macroeconomics. I have to be honest – I took your advice seriously and literally back at the beginning of this year and completely divested all our assets from the stock market. Obviously now I’m very, very glad we did so. My broker thought I was insane – but he now calls and emails me for advice. True story. I just pointed him to your blog site and told him about the Von Mises Institute, for his education. I am a true convert to the Austrian School.

There are truly dark clouds on the horizon and we all must prepare. I’m not an alarmist, but a pragmatist, and I have a fairly good perspective (and information) on which to base my beliefs. Again, thank you very much for what you and what you and your family have provided us. You have been instrumental in positive life changes for many people. The Lord has guided your hand – it is very obvious to us and has made a big difference in how we live. My Best Regards, – J. in Alaska