Letter Re: The Icelanders’ Tangibles Shopping Spree

Check out this article that I found on Bloomberg.com Icelandic Shoppers Splurge as Currency Woes Reduce Food Imports. It looks like Iceland is in deep Schumer – running out of food.
This reminds me of your warnings regarding Hawaii and Alaska – though the same problem can happen in the lower 48 on a grander scale, since we no longer produce enough food. It is time to move my family back to Montana! Best to you and yours.- Stewart R.

P.S.: Back in 1999 I bought several Wiggy’s brand sleeping bags. Those bags are wonderful.

JWR Replies: We can probably expect to see a similar purchasing rush sometime in the next few years here in the US, once the US Dollar starts its anticipated death spiral. Tangibles, tangibles, tangibles!