Letter Re: Getting Adult Family Members Home in Times of Crisis

Greetings, Mr. Rawles,

I need advice and I trust you implicitly in survival matters. Here’s my issue:

I live in the country north of Tampa, Florida. Good dirt, well water (and well bucket), dogs, garden, silver coins stashed away. We are ready for whatever happens.

My 27 year old daughter lives in Austin, Texas. We have discussed her bugging out to come home, or to her grandmother’s home in Southwestern Alabama. She is preparing her bugout pack today, and waiting to hear from me to tell her to come home.

My question is this: At what point do I tell her to head home? What will I see or read that will make me pull the trigger to put this girl on the road? How will I know when it’s time, and allow enough time for her to get as far as possible in her car?

I would really rather have her in Florida with me, but her grandmother is much closer, and also in the country. If I want my daughter here, with me, how much time….

I guess that’s my question – how much time do you think we have, it’s now Friday at 2:30, and the market is about to drop below 8,000. How much time before the meltdown? At what state of preparedness should I have my kid??

Please help. Thank you for your fabulous work. – Terri L.


JWR Replies: First let me say I expect this to be a slow slide. But also let me say that I am not a prophet. I am all too human. For example, like a lot of people I got a lot more motivated by Y2K than the situation warranted.

It is probably not yet the time to call your daughter home–not unless she would like to move back to Florida, anyway.You might want to discuss this with her at length. A lot of it might revolve around her work situation: Can she take a leave of absence from her work, and then return to Texas if things “blow over”? Does she have vacation on the books that she can “burn”?

Regardless, advise her to henceforth always keep her car’s tank at least 3/4 full whenever returning to her home at the end of the day.
She should probably now store some full five gallon gas cans, since the trip will require a couple of re-fills. Does she have a trailer for her vehicle? Perhaps she can store some gas with your relatives in Alabama, as a halfway re-fill point.

For now, just monitor the news closely. See: Mark 13:32, KJV. Pray fervently. Our nation needs it.