Letter Re: Finding a Like-Minded Spouse

I have read through all of your archives, and your Finding Like-Minded People in Your Area [static page]. From a recent personal experience, I thought maybe it might help to note that the site www.FarmersOnly.com is an online dating-type site that caters to:

“Farmers, Ranchers, Ag Students and all of Agriculture
Horse, Livestock Owners and all Animal Lovers
Cowboys, Cowgirls, Rodeo Fans and Country Wannabes”

I recently signed up and, unlike the mainstream sites, they give you a three day “try it before you buy it” period. Also, unlike the mainstream sites, their membership fees are reasonable for anyone who is just casually “looking” and can’t justify sacrificing their logistics budget on a $200+ per year subscription.
The really impressive part is that by the last day of my three-day trial period I had already met four women who were really into survival and survivalesque activities. One of them even reads SurvivalBlog on a regular basis! Apparently, this is a smaller, more niche-based online dating site, and it seems as though it is mostly compatible with the single survivalist.
I’m not affiliated with the site in any way besides just recently signing-up for the free trial. I just wanted to pass that along because it seems as though it is going to work out for me, and I figure some percentage of your readership may be in the lonely predicament similar to what I was. – Josh, Ohio